We ask that all chorus members attend all Monday rehearsals and perform in all concerts, if at all possible. Attendance is taken at each rehearsal. We recognize that family matters, illness, and work emergencies occasionally arise. If you expect to miss a rehearsal or performance, please let your Section Leader know. We learn our music in sync with each other, and we need to keep up with each other on the learning curve to progress toward our performances. As a result, more than three absences during a season may lead to being asked to step out of the chorus until the next season.


The Chorus Director, David Martin, is responsible for choosing our music and making all musical decisions. He is also responsible for choosing solo performers. If you have any questions about the music that are not resolved at rehearsals, please contact David directly.


Dues are $100 per season for each member, and go toward defraying chorus expenses. Dues are to be paid to the Treasurer by the third rehearsal of the season. The Chorus does not want financial hardship to prevent a member from joining, and has funds available for dues scholarships. Please contact the Board President or the Treasurer if you would like to request a dues scholarship. We also welcome contributions to fund member scholarships. Please make your checks payable to Healdsburg Chorus.


The Chorus is a 501(c)(3) organization governed under a set of By-Laws and run by a Board of 6 elected members. The Board is consists of a President, Vice- President, Treasurer, Secretary, and 2 member representatives. Each position’s term is 2 years, except that the Treasurer’s term is 3 years. The Board typically meets monthly, and all Board meetings are open to all members. Joining the Board is a great way to learn how the Chorus operates, to contribute new ideas, and to get to know members better. If you are interested in participating on the Board, please contact your Section Leader or a current Board member.

Music & CDs

Each member receives a a packet of music with all of the songs that the chorus will sing for the season. At the end of the season and before the last concert, the music must be returned in good condition. You may write and make notes in your music lightly in pencil only, but all markings must be erased before the music is returned. You may punch holes in the music in order to keep it in a 3-hole binder.

The words and music are to be memorized; we do not use sheet music at performances. There is a memorization schedule to assist you in learning the music in timely fashion. The sooner we all learn the music, the more beautiful we can make it sound.

You will also receive recordings of your parts to help you learn your music.

New Members

We are happy to welcome new members at the start of each season, and we generally have several every season. We all were new at one time or another, and we know that it can be intimidating to come into a group of strangers. Please be friendly, introduce yourself to new members, and introduce them to the people around you. If you are a new member, feel free to ask any member, especially your Section Leader, if you have any questions.


Rehearsals begin promptly at 6:30 pm on Mondays with an important warm-up activity that you won’t want to miss! All rehearsals are held at the Healdsburg Community Church unless otherwise stated. The month before concerts begin, one-hour Wednesday rehearsals MAY be added and attendance by all is expected.

100% attendance at Monday rehearsals is vital. Set your priorities so that Monday nights belong to the chorus in order to learn the music promptly and correctly. It  is also important to schedule regular practice time on your own so that you don’t get behind. Please notify your section leader if you have to miss a rehearsal. If you are sick, please take care of yourself, stay home, and get well … and let your section leader know. Three or more missed rehearsals present a concern for the quality of the performances, and may be addressed by the Board.

We work hard and accomplish a lot at rehearsals, so we ask that members keep personal chat to breaks before and after rehearsal.

Section Leaders

Each section (Alto, Bass, Soprano, Tenor) has a designated Section Leader. Consider them your main “go-to” people. The Section Leader’s responsibilities are to take attendance at each rehearsal, to follow up with members who have been absent, and to help orient new members. If you have any questions about any Chorus matters, your Section Leader is a good place to start.

Solo Performances

In each concert, there is usually the opportunity for several soloists, duos, or small groups to sing. Only members who have been in the chorus for more than one year (2 seasons)may audition for a solo. The dates for providing music to the accompanist and for auditions will be announced at the beginning of each season. Members are responsible for arranging rehearsal times directly with the accompanist. Be prepared to audition as if you were performing in front of an audience.  Know your music. Auditions are held in front of the Director and the Board, with final decision being made by the Director.

Volunteer Opportunities

It takes a lot of help to run the Chorus and put on our concerts. We know that the Chorus community has a wonderful breadth of skill and talent, but willingness to help is what we need the most.  The Chorus expects that members will, from time to time, volunteer and/or recruit non-chorus members to help out. Opportunities include:

• Board membership
• Music librarian
• Ad Sales
• Graphic design for programs, fliers and tickets
• Publicity
• Ticket Sales
• Fund-raising
• Concert set up and tear down
• Social media
• Website content and management
• Board committees for various special projects