Concert Attire

All Members: Please refrain from wearing perfume, after shave, or other heavily scented products. Some members have severe fragrance allergies, plus perfume scents are not good for the throat. Toxic odors may be present not only in perfumes, but also in after-shave lotions, hand lotions, hair sprays, and deoderants.

For the Women

Black top
Top should be either 3/4 or long sleeved. No short sleeves or sleeveless.
Neckline is flexible but should work with a scarf or pearls.
Length of top is flexible. Tunics permitted.
May wear a two-piece top or a black sweater over a black top.
Not Permitted: Visible cleavage; turtlenecks; sequins, beading or sparkly fabric.

Black bottom
Full length black skirt at or below the ankle, or long black DRESS pants.
Not Permitted: Black jeans; tight pants; leggings; Capri pants.

Closed-toe black shoes. Black socks or black stockings.

A single or double strand of pearls are the standard accessory. Any earrings should be small.


Bright (stage) lights wash out faces so wear plenty of stage makeup for eyes, lips, and cheeks.

For the Men

 Black Shirt
Long sleeves with a collar so you can wear with a tie.

Black Slacks
Dress-style slacks.
Not permitted: Black jeans.

Black shoes and black socks (no black sneakers)

An appropriate tie will be provided by the chorus.

If you have questions about whether your choice will be appropriate, please ask a board member for feedback. We want to look our best!

Only special elves get to wear this outfit.

Only special elves get to wear this outfit.