Thank you and good luck, Devin!

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Our longtime page-turner, chorus supporter, riser-installation crew member, and general all-around wonderful guy, Devin Leclere, is heading off to college and won’t be with us this season. Devin has made amazing contributions to the chorus over a number of years. We’ve appreciated his reliability, dedication, and quiet competence. It’s been fun to watch you grow from an adolescent to a young man, and we know you will do well and accomplish great things. There will always be a spot in the chorus for you, Devin!

In Memoriam: Jacki Decoster

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We are deeply saddened at the loss of our friend, chorus member, and enthusiastic alto Jacki Decoster.  Jacki joined the chorus in Fall, 2014 and was excited to be back singing holiday songs this season.  Her favorite song from this season was “Noel Fantasy” which she jokingly called “Bali Ha’i”.  We’ll be thinking of you as we sing this season, Jacki, and wishing you were with us.

Our New Elevated Status

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We have RISERS!

Thanks to Jim and Paula DuVander, Ed Sowatch, Bob Cipolla, Gary Passarino, Rena Harold, Jim Humphreys, and everyone else who came to the church on Saturday to help unpack and test drive them!




Artistic Interpretation

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An audience member** did a quick sketch while we were singing on Sunday, April 12, 2015 at the Glaser Center. How fun to see her impression of some of the group!

**The artist wished to remain anonymous but agreed to sharing this here.

Those lyrics do get twisted…

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I’m guessing that none of us who were at the Salvation Army concert last night will ever here “Anything You Can Do” again without thinking “I can hump a turtle” and laughing.

Song lyrics are often mis-heard with hilarious results.  Haven’t you ever been singing a song a certain way, and then later been surprised to find out what the word actually were?  Here are a few very funny lyric “twists”:

“There’s a bathroom on the right” (“There’s a Bad Moon on the Rise” by Credence Clearwater Revival)

“See that girl, watch her scream, kicking the dancing queen” (“Dancing Queen” by Abba)

“I’ll never leave your pizza burnin” (“Beast of Burden” by the Rolling Stones)

“Hold me closer, Tony Danza” (“Tiny Dancer” by Elton John)

“Jose, can you see?” (“Star Spangled Banner”)

You can find even more in a whole online archive of mis-heard lyrics at

If you’ve heard of other funny lyric mistakes, tell us in the comments!


You’ll Be in My Heart

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Here’s Phil Collins singing his hit from Tarzan, “You’ll Be In My Heart” — soon to be OUR hit!  Watching this let’s you find out how Tarzan becomes a member of the ape family, in case you were wondering about that.